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My first bet

Congratulations! You have successfully registered under and may now place your first bet.

First, log in with your account data, open the betting offer, and then select the sport you would like to place a bet for. Then choose the league, the tournament or the event.

You may choose from various possibilities to bet:

Single bet
The single bet is the simplest type of betting - predict an outcome you would like to place your bet on, specify the desired stake, and place the bet. If your prediction proves correct, you won the bet. The winnings are calculated by multiplying the odds by your stake.

Multi bet
If you place bets on several, however, at least two different betting events, a multi bet is automatically displayed on your betting slip. The total odds are calculated by multiplying the odds of all individual picks. The multi bet is won only if all picks of the multi bet are correct.

System bet
If you place bets on at least three different betting events, a system bet is automatically displayed on your betting slip. In contrast to the multi bet, for a system bet, not all picks must be correct to win. A system bet 2/3, for example, consists of three picks. You win, too, if only two of the three picks are correct. Please observe that upon placing the bet the maximum winnings are displayed.

In many leagues you may place single bets; in some leagues, you have to combine a certain number of bets. This is displayed by the number in brackets behind the event.

For example:
(+3) = You have to combine at least 3 bets
(+5) = You have to combine at least 5 bets

Generally you have the possibility to choose from an offer of different bet types. The range reaches from a simple three way bet (e.g. 1X2), where you may pick home victory, draw or away victory, to half time, outcome and handicap bets.

If you have picked various bets, the virtual betting slip displays the selected games as well as the associated odds. These odds, multiplied with one another and with the stakes you choose, result in the possible amount of the winnings. After the review of Topgoal, there might be various reasons for the selected stake not to be accepted. Limits might have been reached or exceeded, the odds are just being changed, or the game (the pick) is no longer available.

Now all you have to do is confirm your pick and your first bet is placed.

TOPGOAL wishes you luck!

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