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Betting terms
General betting rules of the Austrian Bookmakers' Association
  • Any and all betting contracts (hereinafter also referred to as "bets") shall be subject to the following betting rules, which the Bettor acknowledges as valid and applicable at the latest upon conclusion of the betting contract.

  • Each bet involves two contracting parties, the Bookmaker on the one hand and the Bettor on the other hand. An absolute ban on betting applies to children and adolescents. The event which the bet is placed on is determined by the Bookmaker.

  • The Bookmaker has clearly displayed the present betting rules pursuant to the legislation applicable in the respective province.

  • The Bettor declares that

    • he/she is at least 18 years of age. In case of doubt, the Bookmaker shall be entitled to ask for an identity document.

    • he/she has no knowledge of the outcome of the event underlying the bet prior to concluding the betting contract;

    • the funds he/she wagers do not originate from a legally prohibited act and he/she is free to dispose of them.

  • The Bookmaker shall at all times be free to refuse individual offers to bet without stating his reasons for doing so, or to limit the stake prior to accepting bets and/or to change the odds prior to accepting the bets. The Bookmaker may, at his/her discretion, determine odds and payout limits with binding effect for the Bettor.

  • The betting contract is concluded by acceptance of the Bettor's offer to bet. The Bookmaker's records shall be authoritative for the interpretation of the substance of the contract. Upon receipt of the betting ticket, the Bettor's non-objection shall constitute acknowledgement of its correctness. Subsequent objections will not be accepted. The Bookmaker shall be entitled to correct the betting ticket on his/her own at any time in order to rectify clerical or mathematical errors or errors concerning odds even after the contract has been concluded; requirements pursuant to sec. 871 of the Austrian Civil Code need not be present in this context. The Bookmaker's right to avoidance of the contract due to error pursuant to sec. 871 of the Austrian Civil code shall remain unaffected.

  • The Bettor shall not be entitled to withdraw unilaterally once the betting contract has been concluded.

  • Once the Bookmaker has handed over a betting ticket, winnings shall only be paid out on return of the original betting ticket. The Bookmaker assumes no liability or obligation to pay for any loss or damage (destruction) of the betting ticket. The Bookmaker is not obliged to check whether the bearer of a betting ticket is entitled to collect winnings.

  • Betting tickets shall be presented within 90 days from the day following the date when the event on which the bet was placed ended, failing which the Bettor's claim to payment of the winnings shall lapse. The Bookmaker may reserve the right to pay out winnings until 45 days after presentation of the betting ticket. In any event the Bookmaker may require the Bettor to present a valid identity document before the winnings are paid out.

  • The Bettor shall not be permitted to assign any claims vis-à-vis the Bookmaker under betting contracts for consideration or free of charge, to pledge such claims or dispose of them in any other legal transactions, or to set off such claims against claims asserted by the Bookmaker.

  • In the absence of other mandatory rules governing jurisdiction, disputes under betting contracts shall exclusively be settled before the court having jurisdiction as to subject matter at the place where the administrative headquarters of the Bookmaker are located.

  • In the following cases, the bet shall be invalid and the betting contract shall retroactively be deemed terminated by mutual consent, with the legal consequence that the stake shall be refunded to the Bettor:

    • if the event on which the bet was placed does not take place at the home ground as stated on the odds list (e.g. change of venue for home team). The bet shall continue to be valid if the home team waives its right to play at home and voluntarily plays away.

    • if the bet is placed after the event underlying the betting contract has started or is not placed in accordance with the betting rules. However, this does not apply to bets which the Bookmaker offers regularly also after the event has started and which are marked expressly as such bets as can be placed after the event has started, e.g. long-term or live bets.

    • if an event is cancelled or does not take place, unless:

      • it is re-scheduled at the time of cancellation and the new date is within two calendar days from the original start of the event;

      • the event takes place at a later time in the framework of a sports tournament (e.g. World Championship, European or National Championship, Olympic Games, tennis tournament etc.);

    • if the event is discontinued without any official result being announced immediately after discontinuation. Subsequent changes in the ranking (e.g. decision by subsequent negotiations) shall not be taken into consideration.

    • if a tennis match ends by w.o.

  • The following rules shall in particular apply to judging the outcome of the bet:

    • the outcome announced immediately at the end of the event shall be authoritative (e.g. trophy presentation if this takes place directly after the event);

    • in the case of football matches, the result after 90 minutes (normal playing time) shall be decisive, in ice-hockey games the result after 60 minutes (normal playing time) shall be authoritative. Thus, extra time or penalty shoot-outs shall not affect the betting contract unless the contracting parties have agreed otherwise according to the Bookmaker's records (e.g. European Cup - bet on team moving on into next round).

    • if two or more events of the same types (e.g. two giant slaloms) are organised in the same place, all bets placed before the start of the first event shall only apply to such first event unless anything to the contrary has expressly been agreed upon.

  • In case of a "dead heat" (two participants or more in the same rank) pay-outs shall be divided accordingly (e.g. stake 100, winner's odds 1.8, pay-out 180 - recalculated for two winners as a pay-out of 90 each, or 60 each for 3 winners). If an event involves two participants (teams) only (e.g. a training duel) and if no odds are offered for a tie, pay-outs will not be divided in case of a dead heat; the total stake will be refunded instead.

  • If an event takes place in accordance with the present General Betting Rules and if a participant or team is a no show at the event, the betting contract shall remain valid under the "Play or Pay" principle; this means that bets placed on the no-show participant shall be lost.

  • If several betting events are combined ("accumulator bet"), the following shall apply:

    • if one or several events are cancelled, broken off or do not take place for any other reason and not re-scheduled within the meaning of Clause 12 c) hereinabove, or if there is no official result of such event(s) within the meaning of Clause 12 d) hereinabove, the event(s) shall be given 1.0 for the purpose of the odds;

    • if all events are cancelled, broken off or do not take place for any other reason and not re-scheduled within the meaning of Clause 12 c) hereinabove, or if there is no official result of such event(s) within the meaning of Clause 12 d) hereinabove, the betting contract shall be terminated retroactively and the stakes shall be refunded. This shall also apply to tennis matches ended by w.o.;

    • if the betting contract is concluded after one or several events have already started, the event(s) will be given 1.00 for the purpose of the odds; however, this principle shall not apply to the bets mentioned in Clause 12 b, second sentence. If the bet is placed after all the events have started, Clause 12 b shall apply mutatis mutandis.

  • These betting rules adopted by the Austrian Bookmakers' Association shall take effect on 25. November 2005 at 00:00 hours, thus superseding and rendering ineffective any and all previous betting rules issued by the Association.

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